Wesley Chapel UMC
Friday, May 20, 2022
Stepping Up in Faith, Building to Serve

REACH Ministry Teams

Evangelism....to make Christ known through the Wesley Chapel UMC family by witnessing, inviting and marketing as we seek to be an outpost for those who need the Lord.
Worship....to make authentic relationship with God available through praise and worship opportunities within the Wesley Chapel UMC community.
Discipleship....to speak to the yearning to learn more about and deepen individual and group relationships with Jesus Christ through growth and study within the Wesley Chapel UMC community.
Nurture....to minister to those who are currently part of the Wesley Chapel UMC community so that they feel connected, loved and part of the family.
Mission....to minister through acts of love, justice and mercy to those persons and ministries in need of financial assistance and/or physical labor which will draw them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.